For Denise F: Sea Glass

For Denise F: Sea Glass

Custom sea glass collection. Some home tumbled, some just as was found.


Hand collected in Maryland, USA. Collection area is pre-1970s.


Bottle bottoms $13.00 (reduced from $20 to even out shipping price)

Set 1, 1 lb, $30

Set 2, 14.4 oz, $30


I am a genuine sea glass collector. I don't use any beach glass that was not collected from the beaches and banks of our coastal rivers, bays, and oceans.


Collected and Crafted by Oona

  • Returns

    Shipping these pieces must be done very carefully. Contact me if the piece does not arrive in one piece. For returns piece must be shipped back to me USPS Priority in its orignal box and packaging. Shipping will not be refunded.