This has been the gloomiest winter ever

February 28, 2018

It's like I moved somewhere legendary for its wet weather. Every night it seems like I hear the rain pounding on the sky light in the bathroom. In the morning it's foggy and everything is wet.


Normally I post photos in the winter of the high blue sky, and sunny wind-blown conditions. Here's last weekend:




Oh, look, it's fan boy Deke modeling his Nigel stuff. And it's raining. Doesn't Nigel live in Seattle? Huh, mmmm?? Can we blame this on the fan boy...?


And then the next day:


Also raining but we can't blame this one on Deke.


Sunday it was also rainy but I was so unimpressed by the conditions that day that I failed to even down load the film from my faux-Pros. 


And this ends my whining for the day. I get to paddle, it's a wet sport anyway, right?


On a less-whiny topic, I've been paddling an Explorer with knee bumps lately, the Explorer HV. That's my boat above. It is funny that they call it a "high volume" boat, when really it has just got these comfy knee bumps that let me have a higher knee position. I feel as though I can get the boat over on edge even better than the normal Explorer. In any case, very enamored with this boat right now. 


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