The Solstice Reconsidered

June 21, 2019

I wrote a blog post in September, 2015, about the sale of my Current Designs Solstice GTS. I hadn’t realized how long ago I had sold that boat. I still think of it often. I am a bit more skilled now. I wonder how the boat would paddle for me?




What I didn’t mention in the first post is that this boat was the scene of my worst humbling as a paddler. I received a pummeling so awful, and an injury that required orthopedic surgery, trying to launch this boat in dumping shore break. To this day I have not written of what happened, and have no desire to do so. 


I find myself wishing I still had “her.” Her speed and lightness, her fit and finish, were lovely. I had many adventures in the boat and was just starting to explore salt water paddling in it, when I came to the conclusion I did not want to paddle it again. (see "pummeling")




The boat was a beast in surf, long and slippery, no chine at all. I simply wasn’t skilled enough to paddle her aggressively. I struggled to launch her through dumping surf, and struggled to land her the same way.


It was a ruddered boat, but I prefer a skeg. I like to feather the skeg, deploying a bit or more as needed. With a rudder it’s all or nothing. Period. The boat lee cocked in high wind when the rudder was down.




I also couldn’t roll the boat. I tried. Now I have confidence I’d complete a roll no problem. I have a number of rolls in my toolbox. But in 2015 I had a single layback sweep, and just couldn’t get up. The back deck was too high for my short body and beginner skills to over come.


Now I see all these negatives as a function of my inexperience. Now I wonder how I’d feel about the boat? I wonder if selling “her” was the right thing to do? I guess I have some “seller’s remorse.”





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