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In-Stock and Custom Kayaks

What we have and what we can order

We take pride in our selection of quality new and used kayaks. Most of our sales business is by custom order. We also take consignment and trade ins, which we then sell after inspection. 


Custom Orders

Available by custom order

Turning Point Boatworks

Petrel & Petrel Play, and coming soon the Petrel Sport!

Any SKUK-NDK is available for custom order

Layups: Standard Fiberglass composite; the Elite - a light weight fiberglass with carbon kevlar seat and bulkheads; the 50/50 - fiberglass hull with carbon/Kelvar deck; and the carbon/Kevlar composite. New for 2024 the 50/50 Elite, lightweight fiberglass hull, carbon/Kevlar deck, seat, and bulkheads.

In Stock Boats. For more details on each go to our online store


2023 Melker Ulvon Low Volume $2500

2019 Rockpool Taran 16 Demo $3150

2018 Romany Excel $2800

Liquid Logic Remix 79 $450

2024 NEW NDK Sportive, green with blue trim, $2585

2023 Turning Point Kayaks Petrel, Ultra Layup, demo, weighs 39 pounds! $5000, take it home today instead of waiting for a custom Petrel

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