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These are the products I use and recommend everyday. Click on the links to purchase directly from Amazon. Full disclosure: I receive a few pennies when you buy from one of my links. Help me stay in business, so I can help you on your journey.

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Clear Film-Protect your deck

We apply this to our boats to help prevent scratches. I'm known for striking my paddle on the sides, hence the film. Can also be used for a quick repair, such as when that shark bit a hole in Rob's Explorer. Comes off easy, less clean up.

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My favorites for tying hatch covers on, and various bits. Always have some in my vest for emergencies.

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Harmony Sponge

We use these to protect our boats from the "knuckles" on our Hullavators. Not our favorite bilge sponges, no, but a good tool.

Small S 'Biners

We use these to secure small items to our vests. Also to make quick release hatch cover ties. I sometimes sell them as well. Check my store if you want to purchase from me directly.

meguiars wash wax.jpg

Wash and Wax

Meguir's Ultimate Waterless Wash and Wax. This is what I use to clean my boats in between detailings. 

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Aerospace 303

Spray protector for hatch covers, etc. Don't spray on your boat unless you want to have one slick willy!

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Harmony Stern Float

I use these to secure loads in my hatches. When the loads in your boat shift, bad stuff can happen. Additionally, these are the best tool to use under an emergency hatch cover.

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My favorite FUD. This one is rigid plastic, and large, but not too large to feed into a drysuit and thru the slot in boxers.

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Body Glide

We use this to keep our dry suit gaskets from chewing on our body parts. Also helpful to reduce under arm chafing. I carry this one in my kit, sometimes even in my vest. 


Hoo Ha Ride Glide

This is my go-to morning prep when I know I'll be wearing a drysuit. I also use it to prevent chafing on my keister during the summer.

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