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Also Know As Scandinavian Style Hat


Paddlers Hat, Loading Cap

A word about fit on these: my head measures 21.5 inches around just above the eyebrows. I prefer a 22.5-23 inch hat. I like it a little loose and get less "hat-hair" that way. ~Randi


Fit Size Medium-Large. Will fit 22.5-23 inch heads. 

Materials: wool outer, wind-bloc Polartec lined at hat band and ear flaps.

Hand woven trim and ties.

Hand made and felted tassel.


I am firmly commited to recycle-reuse-reduce. The Polartec elements of this hat are reused from products that were headed for the trash.


I paddle in these. I also leave one dry in my kit and take my wet stuff off, put this on for loading out. It will not be affected by wet hair, or a drop in the water. Just air dry.


This hat is a style worn widely in northern Europe & Polar Regions of Scandinavia. This hat is made from felted wool and lined at the hat band. It is warm and will stay secure when tied. This hat will fit a variety of heads due to its shape. This hat can be hand washed and air dried. It has been pre-shrunk. All fabric items produced by our shop are washed, pressed, and then carefully stored.

All hats are unique, variations in finishing and fabric are not to be considered flaws. Rather, variation reinforces the hand-made quality of our products.


Randi (Oona) has been making hats professionally for 10 years. She has worked for famous movie studios as well as for smaller theaters, and many individuals. 


Oona Made this is also a shop on etsy. Find other hand mades there.

Oona Made This--Loading Cap #H395

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