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Storm or Coverall Cags are typically carried by paddlers as the ideal piece of emergency gear. Stows small in a hatch. Is similar to a rain jacket but fits over your PFD and cockpit, like a spray deck. Use during lunch breaks, rain storms, inclement weather of all kinds, or when your spray deck needs extra dryness. An indispensable piece of gear, every paddler should have one.


Reed Rip-stop Cag in Navy Blue

Reed Rip-Stop Cag in Yellow

Reed Warmer Cag in Royal Blue/Black

Reed Warmer Cag in Yellow/Black

Storm Cags

  • I typically ship M-W-Friday via USPS. This Cag shipping USPS Priority.

  • Items not in stock can take 5 to 6weeks to build. Shipping only takes a few days once it reaches our shop. We'll keep you in the loop as your gear gets built and when it is ready to ship you'll receive tracking info.

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