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This simple stirrup is designed to fit in your life vest pocket, or wrap around your paddle float. Low volume, out of the way rescue tool.


***Buy the SOT 14 foot stirrup if you have a large cockpit such as the WS Pungo, or Hurricane Santee!***


Color is Harvest Gold or Safety Orange, more visible in water than the prototype my rescue video shows.


WORK SAFE Youtube Video showing self rescue with sling:


Materials, sourced in the USA whenever possible.

From the webbings manufacturer:

PREMIUM US MADE UTILITY WEBBING - "This strapping is flexible, water and UV resistant and won't stretch. A top choice for outdoor use, this versatile heavyweight webbing is a must-have when camping, boating, rafting and more.
POLYPROPYLENE MATERIAL - Polypropylene webbing is made from thermoplastic resins and is a great choice for your outdoor webbing needs.  The material is resistant to mildew, mold, acids, oil and grease. It even has some ability to float on water."

Polyester Coats and Clark thread, high quality, resists rot.

Price includes shipping within the US.

Simple Kayak Stirrup

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